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The Vision

Ebbsfleet Garden City


Alkerden Market Centre sits at the centre of Ebbsfleet Eastern Quarry, a 6,250 home development at the heart of the Ebbsfleet Garden City Masterplan.

The 667-acre site is ideally located between Bluewater Shopping Centre and Ebbsfleet International train terminus (HS1).

It will have a mix of uses that will meet the needs of the local new community and be attractive and popular to the wider garden city. It will be characterised by modern vernacular architecture inspired by local heritage, set on high-quality public realm and beautifully landscaped spaces.

The development is built around the following visionary principles:

  • Provide a diversity of housing types and tenures.
  • Ensure land-efficient development to maximise the number of new homes being delivered within the existing consent.
  • Promote active, attractive and safe streets and public spaces.
  • Establish a connected network of landscapes and open spaces.
  • Establish walkable centres with high levels of accessibility to public transport routes.
  • Ensure clear connections between individual development sites.
  • Establish a network of safe and attractive walking and cycling routes that link neighbourhoods.
  • Provide a healthy built environment that supports well-being.
  • Provide an appropriate design response to site assets (e.g. iconic chalk cliffs, lake and naturalised setting).
  • Provide a contemporary interpretation of the relevant cultural history of the area using local materials and forms where appropriate.

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    As we deliver our plans for the market centre we want to ensure they continue to reflect the views of local people.

    We hosted a virtual public consultation event on Thursday 10 June.

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