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About Alkerden

Ebbsfleet Garden City

About Alkerden

Set up by the UK government, Ebbsfleet Development Corporation aims to accelerate the delivery of up to 15,000 homes and create a 21st century garden city in north Kent.

Through the use of locally enabled planning powers and cooperation from landowners and developers Ebbsfleet Development Corporation’s Planning Committee has approved, following extensive consultation with the local community, masterplans and design codes for the villages of Ashmere and Alkerden. These establish the blueprint for how the area will be developed.

Around 4,600 new homes will be built across Ashmere and Alkerden, in an area known historically as Eastern Quarry which is now being renamed Whitecliffe.

The plans set out how Whitecliffe will develop in the future, on street design, public realm and street planting as well as give clear guidance on how two new village centres will be shaped.

The delivery of new homes at Alkerden Market Centre will provide additional opportunities to the new homes currently being built and occupied at Castle Hill.

Behind Alkerden Market Centre

Alkerden is part of a 667-acre site owned by Henley Camland, a joint venture between Henley Investments and place-making and infrastructure firm Camland. Housing design specialists HTA Design LLP have been contracted to deliver part of the Alkerden Market Centre to the agreed design codes set in place by Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, whilst also creating great places and space for new residents.

HUSH Project Management & Consulting Limited is a specialist Construction Consultancy used to delivering complex construction projects for and on behalf of significant developments in the UK.

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    As we deliver our plans for the market centre we want to ensure they continue to reflect the views of local people.

    We hosted a virtual public consultation event on Thursday 10 June.

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