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What and Where?

A new centre for your garden village.

At the heart of the emerging Alkerden village is a new market centre which will provide commercial, retail and community facilities as well as new homes.

This phase of the development will provide the market centre as part of the development of Whitecliffe. The construction of Alkerden Market Centre will kickstart the provision of at least 400 homes, alongside being home to a supermarket, studio and workspace and connection to Ebbsfleet International Station. This will be a key civic space in the heart of the new development – a place to meet, shop, socialise, work and interact.

Partnerships are being developed to deliver a number of shops and cafes that reflect the emerging retail environment.

Alongside the market centre, Alkerden Village will also ultimately be home to both a primary and secondary education campus as well as library and sports facilities.


View the master plan.

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We want to hear your views!

Henley Investments are at an exciting stage in the development of Whitecliffe (formerly Eastern Quarry) and currently looking to develop ideas for the look and feel of the new high street and supermarket which is due to open in late 2023.

This consultation is at an early stage of us evolving ideas for the space and we’re keen to hear from residents, local business and the local community more broadly to help develop our thinking.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted their thoughts, the initial consultation period has now ended. We will share details of future consultations on this website. 

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The Vision


The development will deliver 6,250 homes in a mix of house types and tenures, and ensuring land-efficient development.

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The location of Alkerden Market Centre has unrivalled train and car connections to London and the rest of the UK.

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Seeking to drive jobs for local people, with employment set to increase by 9% over the next 10 years.

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    As we deliver our plans for the market centre we want to ensure they continue to reflect the views of local people.
    Thank you to everyone who has submitted their thoughts, the initial consultation period has now ended.

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